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There is denying that this past year has been difficult and has had various repercussions. Within the flooring industry it has become difficult to provide the timely service that we have always provided. Due to COVID-19 many factories were either closed for an extended period of time or re-tooled to create sanitizers and masks. These items were much needed during this time of uncertainty, however that has left those who want to renovate their home waiting.

Now more than ever it is important to plan ahead what your renovation needs will include. Prior to the pandemic product would arrive within a week or two. However, due to short supplies the amount of time may be doubled or tripled. Vinyl plank flooring is proving to be the most difficult at this time as the demand has grown but the supply is struggling to keep up.

After you consider the shipping timeframes for your flooring needs another factor that has changed with the pandemic is cost. Be sure to budget a little more than prior to the pandemic. The cost of shipping and raw materials has increased and therefore your renovation budget will also increase. 

Before you rip up your old floor talk to a flooring specialist. They can help you with your timeline and budget and make your home a place that you want to be stuck in.

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